BPS Diesel Caterpillar C15 Single Turbo Kit


Caterpillar C15


BPS Diesel new C15 single turbo kit is in stock and ready to ship.  These kits have many different turbocharger applications depending on your desired hp goals. 


Includes the following:

  • BPS SS manifold
  • Manifold gaskets
  • Manifold bolts
  • Turbo mounting studs
  • Choice of turbo
  • SS manifold spacers


  1. BPS C47588110CWWG (Cast Wheel - Waste Gated Housing)
  2. BPS C47588132CWWG (Cast Wheel - Waste Gated Housing)
  3. BPS C47588132BWWG (Billet CAE Wheel - Waste Gated Housing)
  4. BPS C47896132BWGTS (Billet CAE Wheel - Larger GTS Turbine Shaft) 
  5. BPS C47896145BWGTS (Billet CAE Wheel - Larger GTS Turbine Shaft) 
  6. BPS C48096145BWGTS (Billet CAE Wheel - Larger GTS Turbine Shaft) 


Casted from stainless steel.

Larger ports increase response and power.

Heavy casting wont crack like OE manifolds.


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