Paccar MX13 VGT Electronic Actuator - NEW


The electronic actuators are manufactured to the highest standard in a ISO 9001: 2008 facility to ensure that the quality of each individual piece is equivalent or exceeds the OE specifications and their requirements. 

This VGT electronic actuator is for the GHG14

  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty.
  • No CORE Charge.
  • Includes a new gasket and hardware kit. 

Make: Paccar
Model(s): Trucks
Engine(s): MX-13
Turbo Model(s): HE400, HE400VG, HE431VE, HE451VE, HE531VE
Actuator Part Number(s):2840930, 3787570, 3787571, 3789647, 5322874, 5322882
Mounting Kit Part Number(s): 4034192, 4034193

Cross Reference Part Numbers:1856274, 1856274PEX  1975830PRX, 1975830, 1975830PEX, 2840930NX, 2840930RX, 3787570NX, 3787570RX, 3787571NX, 3787571RX, 3789647NX, 3789647RX, 4034284NX, 4034284RX, 5322874NX, 5322874RX, 5322882NX, 5322882RX

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