Cummins ISX Signature, Pre-EGR Turbo Kit



Cummins ISX

Includes the following.

  • BPS SS manifold
  • Manifold gaskets
  • Manifold bolts
  • Turbo mounting studs
  • Oil feed line
  • Oil drain line
  • Choice of turbo
  • SS manifold spacers
  1. BPS D7596C up to 600hp. Included
  2. BPS D7896C up to 650hp. +$350
  3. BPS D7596B (billet/coated) up to 650hp. +$500
  4. BPS D7896B (billet/coated) up to 700hp. +$650

Casted from stainless steel.

Larger ports increase response and power.

Heavy casting wont crack like OE manifolds.

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